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A client recently called me with a question about the Virtuoso hotels of Paris. He had found a Google map which showed the locations of 13 Virtuoso hotels (and 2 former Virtuoso hotels) as well as the complimentary amenities each hotel offers guests who have booked through a Virtuoso travel consultant.

As he began describing what was written about several of the hotel on the map, I quickly realized that he had actually found my google map of the Virtuoso hotels of Paris! Curious, I asked what he had entered to find the map. The search terms? Paris Virtuoso hotels.

I have created 47 google maps of the Virtuoso hotels in nearly four dozen destinations around the world; here's an index. Each map shows the exact location (as best as I could determine) of the hotel, and if you click on the dot, a pop-up box will display the exclusive Virtuoso amenities that my clients receive free of charge. These include complimentary breakfast for two daily, room upgrades upon availability at time of check-in, and other amenities that vary by property but can include such perks as food and beverage credits, spa credits, or airport transfers.

A Virtuoso hotel is probably your best value for a stay in a luxury hotel. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Nearly 1000 hotels around the world are members of Virtuoso.
  2. Virtuoso clients typically get the best available flexible rate that everyone else pays.
  3. Valuable amenities can save you hundreds of dollars per stay.
  4. No need to prepay in full, unlike many internet booking engines. Virtuoso guests pay at check-out.
  5. Enjoy the same cancellation window as booking yourself, typically 1-2 days before arrival.
  6. No booking fees for clients of Ourisman Travel.

Paris Virtuoso hotels (search here on Google)

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